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Fully Managed | Fully Insured | Dedicated Lift Team


We work with a number of large, world-leading offshore companies in the oil and gas sectors as well as near shore renewables, such as wind turbines. We aim to provide flexible staffing, allowing you the freedom to scale a project up or down as required. 


Our services are global, so we are able to provide staff from all over the world for any project to any location.

If you need to carry out a project offshore, we can provide highly trained personnel to get the job done.

Stage 3 Crane Operators

Our senior-level staff are chosen through a rigorous selection process, by other stage 3 qualified crane operators. It means that we wouldn’t provide any staff to a job that we weren’t qualified to do ourselves – offering peace of mind to our clients who are safe in the knowledge that we will only use our most trusted partners.

Stage 2 Crane Operators

We can also source advanced operators who are fully equipped with on the job experience, training and the skills required to carry out the project or contract in hand.

All our offshore crane operators are BS7121 accredited.

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Why Choose AnR?

Accredited Team

Qualified & experienced lifting personnel

Operating Worldwide

Personnel operating in the UK, Europe and Worldwide

Guaranteed Execution

Efficient, effective, trusted by our lifting partners

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